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I always hated printing. Now that I’ve moved my office, I don’t have the option of printing something right now, because there’s no working printserver yet. I’d also rather not fall back to printing out stuff just to then scan it in order to add a signature to a document....

macOS has had some issues with Bluetooth Audio since the release of Yosemite. The symptom is that audio playback stutters while causing your other Bluetooth peripherals, like your Trackpad or keyboard, to lag or even lose their connection.

After my initial attempts of working only with a Chromebook Pixel back in 2014 and selling the device again after a few months, I bought another Chromebook Pixel. It’s still the old one from 2013, but it was brandnew and it cost just 300€.

You probably have read or at least heard about the Panama Papers-leak by now. What I find kind of annoying is the hypocrisy in judging people and companies who find schemes to circumvent paying a lot of taxes.